The Real Magical Plants of Harry Potter

Herbology 101: Magical plants in the Muggle world

Left: Virginia Sneezeweed by Gary P. Fleming/© DCR-DNH || Middle: Swamp Pink by Gene Nieminen/USFWS || Right: Sensitive joint-vetch by Dale Suiter/USFWS

Furbish Lousewort

Furbish Lousewort by Mark McCollough/USFWS

Virginia Sneezeweed

Virginia Sneezeweed. Photo Credit: © DCR-DNH, Gary P. Fleming

Swamp Pink

Swamp Pink blooming in Cecil Co., Maryland. Photo by Kerry Wixted/Creative Commons.

American Hart’s-tongue Fern

American Hart’s-Tongue Fern by John Wiley/USFWS.

Sensitive Joint-vetch

Sensitive joint-vetch by Dale Suiter/USFWS

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