It’s Tough to be a Toad

Image by Mikaela Oles/USFWS | Video by Christina Stone/USFWS

TOADally cool facts about the Wyoming toad

When the Wyoming toad ran wild

Wyoming toad sitting in shallow water with toes spread
Wyoming toad by Michael D’Agostino/USFWS

Road to recovery

Girl with long, blonde braid, black ball cap, blue shirt, blue backpack, and gray pants while kneeling down to write on paper
Left: Wyoming toad with tracking belt by Mikaela Oles/USFWS | Right: Collecting data of Wyoming toads by Mikaela Oles/USFWS
Wyoming toad on back in hands covered in white latex gloves, Q-tip rubbing on toad
Bathing Wyoming toad in Vitamin E by Michael D’Agostino/USFWS
Woman with short brown hair, gray ball cap, green shirt, and orange backpack holding a giant antenna
Left: Rachel Arrick collecting habitat data by Mikaela Oles/USFWS | Right: Rachel Arrick using an antennae to track Wyoming toads
girl with ball cap and long blonde braid holding a Wyoming toad in front of her face and smiling
Graduate student with a Wyoming toad after collecting data by Mindy Meade/USFWS

Hopping into hope

Learn more about the Wyoming toad:



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