Billboard Top 10 (Wildlife) Musicians

It’s popping off on the tracks and in the wild right now. Take a look at the top talent in the ecosystem.


Pintail Drake by Ryan Moehring/USFWS

Drake’s been seen courting the lakes lately with his newest track, “Bring it Quack”. October’s very own waterfowl is readying himself for mating season. Be on the look out for those smooth lyrical quacks to drop soon by a pond near you.

Sample songs: Give a listen to some noises coming from Drake’s recent album: Pintail

Cardi B

Photo: Tom Koerner/USFWS

The hottest pollinator in the field with her fast blooming hit, “Bodak Yellow Flower”, Cardi B is bringing the honey back to the hive. Bodak Yellow Flower success has broken the record for longest running track in the flower fields.

Show her love, ask her to tour near you
She’ll be visiting native plants for pollinators coming this spring, so if you want to see her in your city, see that you plant a few seeds.


Photo by USFWS

This hip hop trio is migrating swiftly to the top of the charts. Quacko, Offsedge and Take off’s latest single “Waterfowl Sport” stays pumping the ponds with features from Nightingale Minaj and Offsedge’s love, Cardi B.

Sample song: Waddle it Quack it

Imagine Dragonflies

Photo: Dragonfly by USFWS.

Imagine Dragon flies soars the charts with “Thunder Wingbeats” for another week in a row. Infusing an energetic vision and crafted winged beats, Imagine Dragonflies continues to swarm the alternative rock scene with magical sounds.

Touring Soon: Catch their next big concert at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Justin Beaver

Photo by Larry Palmer, USFWS.

Bad boy extraordinare Justin Beaver is thumping tracks that shake the dam. Everyone wants a piece of that fur. He‘s been seen spending nights in the music lodge with all his birches. The Beav-ster has just released “Friends” (with Blue Heron) and it’s already climbing the logs.

Sample Song: Where Are U Log

Ed Deeran

Photo by Ryan Moehring, USFWS.

Pop star extraordinaire, Ed Deeran, is racking up the charts with love ballads left and right. Does are going crazy in anticipation for his next big tour. “Shape of Your Antlers” is staying strong on the top ten.

Touring Soon: Catch him prancing at Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

6lack Bear

Photo by USFWS.

Ever since his first single “Prblms” dropped 6lack Bear has been roaming the forest. His latest album “Free 6lack Bear” was recently nominated for Best Adaptable to an Urban Refuge Album.

Sample Songs: Give a listen to some his features

Post Malone Wolf

Photo by USFWS.

With both of his singles howling on the charts, “Wolfstar” and “Congrrrrrlations” Post Malone Wolf is marking his territory.

Sample Song: Yours Truly, Wolf Post

Salmon Smith:

Photo by USFWS.

Salmon Smith’s ability to provide both fresh pop sounds and salty heartbreak memories keeps him afloat the charts. “Too Good at Goodbyes” is still successfully going up against the mainstream.

Watch the latest Salmon Smith music video here.

Those are the updates we have for ya’ll, but we’ll keep you posted on all that’s rock’n the natural world.

Keep streaming those poppin’ tunes and stay wild.

Stream on a misty day by USFWS.

Written by Danielle Brigida and Ashley Suarez-Burgos, USFWS.




We’re dedicated to the conservation, protection and enhancement of fish, wildlife and plants, and their habitats.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

We’re dedicated to the conservation, protection and enhancement of fish, wildlife and plants, and their habitats.

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