Bear Necessities: Montana Grizzly Relocation Provides Rare Close-up of a Burly Bruin

Feeling Cagey

bear looks through bars
A grizzly bear peers out from his temporary holding vessel as he awaits transportation to a less densely human populated (and more bear-appropriate) location in Montana. Photo by Amanda Horvath/USFWS4
a round metal kennel hooked to back of pickup
The bear’s very temporary home. Photo by Amanda Horvath/USFWS

A Closer Look

2 people put drops in sedated bear’s eyes
Biologists examine the grizzly bear to assess its health. Photo by Amanda Horvath/USFWS

Data Collection Reveals Details about Bear Health

bear lies on brown mat. Eyes are covered with red cloth; cage in background.
Bear biologists prepare for data collection to inspect the bear’s health. The eyes are covered to protect them from dust and debris. Photo by Amanda Horvath/USFWS

A Heavy Lift

five people hold a bar with a measuring device attached to mat holding bear
Weighing a male grizzly bear as part of its health check-up before relocation. Photo by Amanda Horvath/USFWS

Back to the Wild

6 people holding mat with bear
Biologists gently place the grizzly bear back on the ground after weighing him and collecting other samples to assess his health. Photo by Amanda Horvath/USFWS

Bear and Human Safety

The conservation success story of grizzly bear recovery in portions of the American West means that increasing grizzly bear numbers may also result in an increased possibility of human-grizzly bear interactions. Human-caused mortality is the greatest threat to grizzly bears, which today exist in only 2 percent of their original range in the lower 48 states.

Supporting State Wildlife Conservation — The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program (WSFR)

woman in light blue jacket with hand on grizzly
Amanda Horvath, fish and wildlife biologist with WSFR. State and federal biologists regularly perform this work during the bear season in Montana (generally May through October when the bears are not hibernating). Photo by Carla Becker/USFWS



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